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I really don't know what I'm doing, as this is my first time doing any sort of fic exchange. But here goes!

If we got matched up because of one pairing but now you realize you'd rather write for another one of mine, that's fine, feel free to switch! 

I love simple stories, stories set in the canon world, stories where the characters are still recognizable. I have no triggers, but I am asexual and for me that means erotica/porn just for the sake of being hot doesn't do anything for me. If you want to include a sex scene, go ahead, but try to focus on the emotions of at least one of the characters so that I can appreciate what's going on. And if you want to skip the sex, I'll be happy. Honestly. I spend my time reading a lot of Gen for fun for a reason, and romantic fics that happen to be sex-free can be some of the most enjoyable reads for me as well. :P Please, if I ship a ship that means I don't want any non-consensual stuff or abuse happening between the two of them. But if you want to make an external character hurt them, I'd be okay with that.

I like both fluff and angst. Unrequited love is fine, grief is something I actually love reading about (and you'll notice many of my ships canonically might include one woman/girl grieving another), but also simple happily ever after fics can make me feel all the warm fuzzies inside as well.

I don't usually like kid-fic where the characters are de-aged, especially if in canon they wouldn't have met yet at that time, but writing about canon teenagers or a few months before the show started or something is totally fine. And writing about the future is fine too. You can certainly diverge from canon if you'd like, have an AU where so-and-so never died or where so-and-so had this career path instead... be creative, have fun, and I'll enjoy whatever you write, I'm sure. :D

Also, it's really fun for me if you include other canon characters from the show!! I love fics where the characters in the ship also have their friend(s) or family member(s) show up. Even if it's entirely someone else's point of view! That can be really unique and wonderful to read, especially if you paint this third party (guy or girl, btw, either is fine) as a shipper of the two girls/women.

I am not cool with unchecked biphobia. If a character is biphobic and another character calls them on it, that's fine. The worst thing is if the narrator - if you, the author - writes biphobic (or acephobic) statements. Sexuality is a spectrum, and if you want to write about two lesbians who are both sexually and romantically attracted to only women it's fine. Just don't write something actively offensive to those of us who fall elsewhere on the spectrum, yet might also be interested in women.

I am cool with you writing any of these characters as asexual (and obviously homoromantic or biromantic/panromantic in that case, since this is a romance fic), as lesbians, or as bisexual or pansexual girls/women. Both characters can have the same sexual (or romantic) orientation or obviously any combination works too.

Specifics about my requests.

Teen Wolf: Allison/Kira, Melissa/Claudia, Kira/Malia, Lorraine/Maddy, Victoria/Araya, Talia/Claudia - I also probably would enjoy Lydia/Allison or Lydia/Kira, even though I didn't list them. I didn't want to say I was okay with ALL of the potential Teen Wolf ships, but I kinda was torn between more than just 6 of them, which was the maximum limit if you didn't want to say "Any". So yeah, I actually have 8 potential Teen Wolf ships.

Allison, Kira, and Melissa are my 3 favorite female characters on the show, although I kinda like everyone. I love the craziness of Victoria/Araya and all the creativity that would have to go into writing a ship like them. I would be interested in how Lorraine/Maddy would be pulled off, and it might be really simple but sweet. I think with most of these ships death is involved and a good fic dealing with grief and mourning a romantic love could be written. Etc.

Orphan Black: Alison/Beth, Helena/Grace. I really fell for Grace Johanssen as a character on the farm this season, and reading through the list of nominated ships I realized I'd never considered her and Helena in a femslash ship, but I truly love the idea of them. My romantic OTPs on this show are only the het ship Cal/Sarah (LumberPunk) and  the f/f Alison/Beth (SoccerCop), but if you wrote me a compelling Helena/Grace fic I might be able to add a 3rd OTP to that list. As for Alison/Beth... just run wild with this ship, in whatever way your heart desires. I love them so much. I love each character individually, I love that Beth is such a blank slate, and I love that Alison seemed like the only person to care when Beth died. I love how much potential this ship has and I also really like characters like Art, Donnie, Felix, Sarah, and Cosima and how these characters might react to the idea of Alison/Beth. (My favorite headcanon includes an Ace Beth. But any incarnation of them is great)

Arrow: Laurel Lance/Thea Queen, Helena Bertinelli/Sara Lance, Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance/Shado, Thea/Sin, Nysssa/Thea. I love that in canon Sara is interested in women. But I've never seen much appeal to Nyssa as a character. That being said, since Thea left with Malcolm at the end of season 2, I could see Nyssa and Thea ending up as a potentially VERY interesting dynamic.

Any of these 6 ships would be quite compelling to me. I've never actually read any femslash for Arrow before, but I haven't read much Arrow fic period. I still adore the show and have actually vidded it quite a bit (I'm a fanvideo editor).

Thea and Sara are my favorite characters on the show. I also find Laurel, Helena, Felicity, Shado, and Sin compelling and please feel free to write something that explores the potential these characters have with each other. For Thea/Laurel, it'd probably make sense to wait till Thea is over 18 so there's no underage complicated stuff, but if you wanted Thea to start having feelings for Laurel during that period of time when she knew about Tommy/Laurel and they both thought Sara and Ollie were dead, I'd be thrilled to read that kind of longing and jealousy. For Sara/Shado, I see some stuff going down while they were still on the island before Shado's death. Or maybe Sara does something crazy to save Shado's life in that instance...? Helena and Sara have a lot in common and would be interesting to explore, since they're both so dark, but they probably could both teach each other things and they have very different families. Etc. Idk.

Glee: Santana/Quinn. (And I would've listed Brittany/Santana, but I guess they weren't allowed this year?) I especially love the headcanon that Santana and Quinn are both bisexual, but with caveats: maybe Santana is only homoromantic and can't fall in love with guys even if she can get sexual pleasure from them, and Quinn might be heteroromantic so the only way a relationship with Santana would work for Quinn is if it's friends-with-benefits, if it's non-romantic but still sexual. I also see the potential for demiromanticsm in either girl, or even demisexuality. However, if you just want to make both lesbians who never were actually attracted to/in love with guys, or both simply bisexual, or one bisexual and one a lesbian, I'd be cool with any of the possibilities. I adore both Santana and Quinn as characters, and I would enjoy seeing where you took a potential fic with them as the main ship. Both girls have a lot in common but their differences are really fun too. I actually ship Quinn/Puck as my OTP and have a soft spot for Quinn's other het ships too. So while that's not common to include as a side-mentioned ship in femslash fanfiction, I'd really get a kick out of seeing that. I'd strongly prefer that Rachel remain straight if she's gonna be in the fic. Idk why but I never could get into lesbian or bisexual Rachel and I'd rather Quinn or Santana not have a history with Rachel or anything like that. Rachel doesn't need to appear but again that's just my POV. I love the idea of Quinn/Santana as a ship, though.

Faking It: 
I really like the idea that Karma will never return Amy's feelings (maybe I'm a sadist, lol, idk), not in the way Amy needs her to. Jasmine was such a cool girl in the one scene we saw her in, lol, and I think they might be a match made in heaven! If you wrote it just right. After all, Shane thought no one would like Amy's online dating profile but Jasmine did like what she saw immediately. :P Honestly, though, any Amy-centric fic that focused on her would make me happy, original character or Jasmine would just be even better. (My headcanon is that Amy is demisexual (see the link above) but you can just make her a lesbian or bisexual if you'd prefer.)

The Fosters:
I don't have any brilliant thoughts on Lena/Stef other than the fact that I like the kids on the show a lot and I like the idea of them bonding over a plot that has to do with one or more of the kids. I also am not opposed to the idea of a bisexual Stef who fell for Lena rather than someone who was a repressed lesbian all along. :P Just some potential food for thought.


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