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Hey there, podficcer! ;) I'm excited to be participating in this exchange for the first time. I'm sorry for the long length of this letter. Please bear with me. ;)

Fandoms (all are fine for both sending and receiving) - all are TV fandoms:
Glee, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, The Flash (2014 TV Series), Psych, Veronica Mars, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless (US Version), Queer as Folk (US Version), Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Chasing Life, Greek, Kyle XY, Parenthood (2010 TV series), Orphan Black, Continuum, Being Erica, Saving Hope, Motive, Rookie Blue, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Heroes and Heroes Reborn (and I also know the Heroes Reborn "Dark Matters" webseries that go along with those), Faking It (2014 TV series), Finding Carter, The 100, Covert Affairs, Friday Night Lights, Everwood, Blindspot (2015 TV series), Joan of Arcadia, and House (also known as House M.D.).

I know way more TV series/movies than this and listen to podfics in larger ones sometimes too but I would really love for this exchange to only receive/only work within one of these 34 fandoms. ;)

I don't have any actual triggers. At least not the PTSD kind. I was traumatized by my abusive mother so her name and a few other things might sort of trigger me -- like a grief trigger kind of way -- but I'll live if it's in a fic. :P

Things I probably will have trouble enjoying if you record a fic including them:

Pro-religion/faith fics -- or anything demonizing non-belief. It's fine if the character is religious and it's explored or mentioned in a fic that they believe, especially if their religiousness is canon. I just don't like feeling preached to. I'm an atheist. I've written about characters praying and believing though. It's just the evangelizing to the "reader" (listener) in fic form that upsets me.

Fics that promote corporal punishment as a valid way for parents to discipline children (I have gotten uncomfortable reading fics like these in the past, believe it or not).

Fics with non-canonical huge age differences in ships, like parent or teacher characters being paired with high schoolers, even if the high schooler is all grown up in the fic. :P So basically, I don't want to listen to a story about huge age gaps for ships that are non-canonical. However, if someone's written about a student who really dated her teacher in the TV show, or something like that, that's different, because it's canon. I can listen to a that.

Non-canonical incest in most cases.

Podfics where over 15% of it is porn. (I'm asexual and somewhat sex-averse, although I can listen to sex scenes sometimes, especially if it's part of a larger plot. I can also enjoy it a lot more if the oneshot is a "cute" kind of sex scene, like with giggling and awkwardness stuff in it, FYI!)

Fics that erase asexuality as an identity or "cure" it or anything offensive to an asexual person like me... :P A line in a character's dialogue or their POV narration about how "everyone is sexual" I can live with, a line from an author/omniscient narrator might hurt a bit more... :P But the main problem is if the entire story, or a whole section of it (more than just a line) is anti-aces. Of course, I also don't want to hear biphobic or transphobic fics, I'm a strong ally of all LGBTQPIA+ identities.

Some of the MANY things I really love in fics:

I especially love Gen fics, meaning family or friendship or character study focused with preferably canon background ships, I'll live if it's fanon or other background ships though. :P I mean I'll also enjoy a LOT of non-gen stuff. It's just that I particularly love Gen.

I love canon-based fics, filling in the blanks of canon, giving us scenes we never got on the show but should've, giving us scenes we did get but from inside a character's head, etc, etc.

I love extreme angst and drama. I'm not afraid of a non-happy ending, a major character death even if non-canonical, a fic all about grief, about rape or about some other kind of extreme trauma if dealt with as appropriately serious and in a realistic way. I love fics dealing with child abuse and/or being a survivor of it because I myself am a survivor of my mother's abuse and even if I can't relate exactly I can often relate to parts of it and I really love that experience, it's cathartic and I love different people's take on it in fanfiction. I like stories about cancer and terminal illnesses etc -- medical shows in general are my jam and so was Chasing Life (sucks that it was just canceled). I don't shy away from suicidal thoughts/suicides/grief either. Those fics can be amazing.

I also love cute fluffiness. Honestly I'm pretty easy to please. :P Happy endings make me happy too, of course. Etc.

I love fics that explore coming out or understanding/figuring out a character's own queerness, or the process of questioning, coming to terms with it, embracing it, etc etc. Any form of queerness. Including of course asexuality, or ace-spectrum stuff, or aromantic-spectrum stuff, but also any other form of queerness, like being gay or bi or trans etc... :P

I like hurt/comfort of any variety, silly to really extreme.

I LOVE adoption or fostering in fics, and also have a thing for female pregnancy -- even when cliche like with Teen pregnancy or whatever.

I like disabilities/mental illnesses/etc explored in fics, especially headcanons that a character could really have it in canon as a reasonable interpretation. Those can be so amazing. Also AU of what if a character had this disability can work great or exploring canonical disabiltiies on fandoms of mine that have them.

I especially love podfics for underrated/often forgotten about characters. ;)

I tend to like, in order from most to least, Gen best, then all canon ships, doesn't matter if they're het or slash or femslash, then AU ships with characters' canonical sexual orientations in tact, then AU femslash ships between canonically straight characters, and finally AU male slash ships between canonically straight characters. So yeah, I like femslash more than male slash... but I do like all of it. And I'm mainly a canon girl.
          (People don't tend to do AU het ships between canonically gay characters, usually that's considered offensive in fandom as a whole. I probably wouldn't enjoy a lot of cases of it, mainly since I already have a tiny bit of trouble re-interpreting a character's sexual orientation, but if an author interprets a character as bi instead of gay it could work in some cases in a fun and non-offensive way. If you want to podfic something like that go for it and I'll be intrigued.)

If in doubt, it's probably fine. I enjoy being challenged to enjoy new things.

So about my fave characters & ships, and other preferences, within fandoms!

Glee - I kind of love everything in this fandom, exceptions being what Tina became after season 1, and I don't feel much for Mercedes or Mike either. I'd strongly prefer the fic not be about one of those 3. I really really love everyone else. :P I'm desperate to be exposed to some good post-season 6 explorations of Rachel/Sam as endgame or, alternately, how endgame Rachel/Jesse came to be. I adore Quinn/Puck as an OTP. I do ship Emma/Will, but I don't mind anti-Will sentiments either. I like both Klaine and Kurtofsky and also don't mind anti-Klaine stuff in Karofsky based fics or anti-Karofsky stuff in Klaine fics, even if I am personally a multi-shipper. I like Artie, Sam, Quinn/Sam... and I also like Marley so much, and Marley/Jake, but don't mind Marley/Ryder either. I love Beiste in every form, including definitely fics from pre-season 6 and him transitioning to male. I kind of don't like that he was made trans. If you record a Beiste fic with female pronouns I will enjoy it. Nothing transphobic, just that she's a gender-nonconforming cis woman in that fic. Rachel mourning Finn really gets to me (in a really good way! I love it), and I like Finchel and Brittana and most of the canon ships. Hummel-Hudson family fics or fics including Burt and/or Carole are my weakness. I adore them so much. I like to interpret Quinn as heteroromantic bisexual and Santana as homoromantic bisexual. :P I don't mind the idea of bisexual Blaine either. It was almost canon in season 2, anyway. I like to interpret Marley and Beiste as asexual, and Kurt and Emma as demisexuals or gray-asexuals. None of these interpretations are required -- they're pretty rare lol. But I'm not the only one to interpret a lot of the characters this way.

Gilmore Girls - my #1 OTP of all time, out of all of my fandoms, is Rory/Jess. I really adore them. I also like Lorelai/Christopher a LOT, not in the endgame sense but in the exploration of what they were. I support endgame Lorelai/Luke. I also love Paris and Lane and any ship you want to give either girl, het or femslash. I don't mind other canon Rory or Lorelai ships explored in fic form though, any Gilmore Girls podfic would be wonderful even if it's anti-my ship or whatever...  or original characters explored with Rory either. Jess character studies or exploration of his family relationships is everything to me.  This fandom means so much to me and I doubt I'll match with anyone on it but yeah. I figured I'd list my preferences just in case.

Criminal Minds
- Sexual stuff in this fandom squicks me out a little more than in other fandoms, because I'm so not used to it, ESPECIALLY for non-canonical orientations for the characters. I love how asexual and platonic this fandom is in canon, and my favorite fanfiction stuff explores gen (meaning non-romance), or explores PG-romances. I mean, the show is very violent and rated TV-14 most of the time -- your fic can be similarly extreme in terms of that kind of thing, or possibly worse -- feel free to do rated R or rated MA for violence/gore and I'll be fine. I love Reid finding love, with original characters or canon characters, but I don't want to hear a fic about his sex life in more than a vague way, especially since I am pretty attached to the common headcanon that he is asexual. Other characters I accept as more sexual lol... I'll live with some sex... and I like all of the characters, ALL of them, including the one-season characters. I love this whole show.

The Flash (2014 TV Series) - yes I know the Arrow verse too, but I have been loving The Flash so much more than Arrow lately so I only wanted to list The Flash as a fandom for this ITPE. A crossover would be okay with Arrow though. Just... make sure there's some The Flash. My OTP on this show is Barry/Iris. I also just love Iris a lot, so any ship for her, including crossovers into Arrow, either het or femslash, would probably make me happy. Sex stuff probably would squick me out more in this fandom than in a lot of fandoms. (Like what I just said above from Criminal Minds.) You can have characters experiencing lust/attraction and of course romantic feelings, but if you could avoid the actual sex scenes I'd be happier. Barry and either or both of his two dads (Henry or Joe) would make me so happy in a fic. Or Henry alone, or with someone else, or Joe with someone else of course... I love those characters in their own right as well, Barry or not. I do love Caitlin and Cisco. I do not support Caitlin/Ronnie at all, they're my anti-ship of the canon. :P I liked Eddie a lot. Barry is my heart and soul and why I adore the fandom.

- Not one of my biggest fandoms but it's very fun and I love it, especially Shawn-centric things, especially Shawn gen stuff (with Lassiter, with Gus, with his dad, with whoever, him alone, etc) or Shawn/Juliet. I always did ship Shules, not that passionately, but yeah. 
I also loved Juliet/Lassiter. Lassiter stuff makes me happy, especially unrequited feelings for people. I did like his endgame ship on the show. I'll also still enjoy it if you want to record something Lassiter slashy for me. :P I'd probably prefer it over male slash in this fandom that doesn't include Lassiter.

Pretty Little Liars
- Oh gosh, this show. I just finished watching the entire show for the first time -- and I watched it at a record pace lol, so it's all very fresh for me. I would probably enjoy hearing a podfic about anybody at all. My absolute faves are Spencer, and Emily... and Toby, and Alison, and Mike. Yes Mike, don't ask. Lol. Oh yeah, and I totally adore Jason and like Wren a lot too... and find Cece kind of fascinating... I love those characters all so much and anything including them in some capacity would be fun. Crack ships that are het or femslash would make me thrilled as well in this fandom... anything "out there" would be fun. But also you know me, filling in the blanks of canon is also my jam, like one of my favorite things ever. :P I am not super anti- any ships. I don't really ship Aria/Ezra though. So happy endings for them don't do much for me. It's fine if they're part of a larger story or a multi-ship story or a sub-part of some good gen... but if the whole focus is gonna be on just 1 ship, I'd rather you do any other ship.

Shameless (US Version) - anything would make me happy in this fandom but my favorite characters are Lip and Fiona, although I also love Carl, Ian, Debbie, etc. I love the Gallagher family so much. I know Ian/Mickey is the most popular thing by far. I would enjoy a podfic about them, for sure. My #1 OTP is Lip/Karen, though, and my crack OTP that I adore the idea of is Mandy/Karen. I enjoy all of Fiona's 3 main canon ships in their own ways, especially her husband this past season and Jimmy/Steve. I would be thrilled if you recorded anything in this fandom for me, and don't forget about the option of doing Gen.

The Fosters - anything NOT Brandon/Callie would make me happy in this fandom. I just simply don't ship them. I love all of the other canon ships... and the family bonds and friendships... I also don't mind Callie & Brandon as friends.

Smallville - anything not sexual or romantic Clex would be good, including friendship Clark&Lex being fine. I know the show very well and appreciate every single canon ship, and if you want to do an AU ship, as long as it's not the very popular Clex I'll be happy. :P  I host a Smallville collab group over on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ViddersofSteel/videos and I have vidded Clana the most but really do know the entire show really well, and I have enjoyed fanfiction for Chlark, Clois, Lexana. I haven't read very much at all in this fandom though so... surprise me.

Orphan Black - anything in this severely under-podficced fandom would be fine, but I don't adore Cosima/Delphine the way a lot of people do, so while I like them a lot, if you wanted to do something that included another character (or a few) too or instead, I'd be especially thrilled. My OTPs are SoccerCop (Alison/Beth), LumberPunk (Cal/Sarah), and maybe Helena/Gracie or Mark/Gracie. My favorite characters are Sarah, Felix, Alison, Gracie, Beth, Cal, Siobhan, and Cosima. I don't mind Cosima being paired with other women instead of Delphine. I liked her and Shay this past season! I do like Donnie and Alison/Donnie somewhat. If you want to record Cophine for me I'll still be happy. They can be really cute. ;)

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals
- obviously you can do one or the other, but as shows within the same universe you CAN do a crossover/both if you want. I am not passionate about most of the ships right now but I do really love Hayley/Klaus and Stefan/Caroline as my OTPs of the moment. If I had to pick 1 I'm passionate about, it's Hayley/Klaus. ;) I also like Hayley/Jackson and Klaus/Cami, and I like both sides of the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle and enjoyed Stefan/Katherine as well as Elijah/Katherine...  I love Matt. And Liz. And Jeremy. Definitely Jeremy. Why don't enough people care about Jeremy?? And I adore Davina. ;) I like Elijah & Hayley much better as a friendship than a ship.  (Note: I did record a Klaus/Caroline podfic once per someone's request but I don't actually ship them, not at all.)

The 100 - I actually have non-canon sexual orientation OTPs on this show. Shocker! I adore the idea of bisexual Raven so much and femslash her with Clarke so hard as my main OTP of the show. I also like Raven so much and enjoy her canon ships, really her paired with anybody or in gen. I slash ship Thelonious Jaha/Marcus Kane. :P I would enjoy Abby/Kane or Abby/Jaha fic too but my OTP amongst the adults is Jaha/Kane. I do enjoy Clarke/Anya, Clarke/Lexa, Clarke/Bellamy... Idk. I like Octavia but her paired with Lincoln bore me. I just am not Lincoln's biggest fan, perhaps? Still I'd be excited to hear a Lincoln/Clarke or Lincoln/Raven fic probably lol. Octavia/Clarke could be interesting, or Octavia/Raven, maybe? :P  I think my Octavia OTP is Octavia/Jasper. Jasper's canon ships all make me happy and I love Monty too, including Jasper/Monty, although them as just friends is just as good to me. You could also do polyamory for me with this show...

Heroes & Heroes Reborn (and I also know the 6 Heroes Reborn "Dark Matters" webisodes that go along with those)
- anything is fine except the incestuous ships. I love the Petrelli brothers as brothers. I like Paire as a friendship. I like how much HRG aka Noah Bennett loves his adopted daughter but just because they're not related by blood do NOT think that means they don't count as incest because um yeah please no. Don't do that to me.

House (also known as House M.D.) - I would rather not hear a podfic about House and Wilson in a sexual or romantic relationship. I adore their friendship SO MUCH, and I also love the whole show and any of the canon ships would be fun to hear a fic about, or Gen?

For all of the following fandoms: I'm not picky. ;) I have my own OTPs but it doesn't matter. Just give me whatever inspires YOU. I don't really have NOTPs in these. I just really want something, ANYTHING, from these fandoms with very very few podfics.

Switched at Birth

Veronica Mars (including the movie too if you want)

Queer as Folk (US Version)

Chasing Life


Kyle XY

Parenthood (2010 TV series)


Being Erica

Saving Hope


Finding Carter

Covert Affairs

Friday Night Lights

Faking It (2014 TV series)


Joan of Arcadia

Blindspot (2015 TV series)

Rookie Blue


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