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These were all of my requested fandoms this time around:
  • Being Erica [TV]
  • Bob's Burgers [TV]
  • Dead Like Me [TV]
  • Faking It [TV]
  • Nashville US (2012) [TV]
  • Pitch Perfect (2012) [Movie]
  • Six Feet Under [TV]
  • The Flash (2014) [TV]

Being Erica [TV]


I've recently rewatched this entire series and I simply adore it. I ship both Erica/Kai and Erica/Adam. I adore Adam and Kai as characters in their own rights. I adore Dr. Tom too, and the complex character that is Josh... and I think Sam/Lennon are adorable, and I've vidded Dr. Tom&Erica before in a platonic light, and I'd love to see them again, this time vidded by someone other than me. I'd love a cast tribute to the series as a whole, a character study of Erica, or character studies of others, or so many other potential things in this show.

Bob's Burgers [TV]


So I haven't seen THAT many episodes of this show yet, but I have loved every episode that I've seen so far. I find it a simple, sweet, heartwarming family sitcom with a lot of humor, pretty much all of which makes me smile at the very least. My favorite character is Bob himself. If you vid the show, I'd prefer for Bob to be inclu ded in some way in the video. I'd enjoy any vid that encourages me to check out more of the show (and yay to the fact it's on Netflix! So that's an easy thing to do). I'd also enjoy seeing the show captured in either a very lighthearted/fun/silly way OR if you paint a more serious drama using clips the show has to offer. Whatever you want. Make an AU vid if you want, or just a compilation of funny moments, or whatever!! Be creative.

Dead Like Me [TV]


I saw this show years ago and I don't remember it too well but I know so many of the actors from other fandoms of mine... and I know I adored it. I loved everything about it, from what I remember, especially the interesting philosophical take on the nature of life and death, so a vid with voiceovers would probably make me the most happy when it comes to this fandom. I think George and Mason were my two favorite characters. I like everyone, though. Vid whatever you want from this fandom and I'll enjoy it.

Faking It [TV]


I like everything about this show. A typical Karmy vid would be nice, but what I'd probably like better is a more unique/unusal type of vid, meaning a character study of anyone, or an undervidded relationship or love triangle, or something AU, or idk. Just be creative. Even a Karmy vid set to an unusual type of song choice might be fun - I don't mind misgendering lyrics if it means the song is a unique choice that couldn't otherwise be vidded, especially if the rest of the lyrics other than the misgendering ones are perfect. I actually like Liam's character, I don't hate any of the main characters so vid what you want!

Nashville US (2012) [TV]


Don't feel obligated to stick to country for this show! :P Although those vids make me smile, and vids set to songs sung on the show itself make my heart swell with all sorts of amazing emotions... but seriously a Nashville vid set to a rock song or power ballad or hip hop/punk/funk/rap tune or WHATEVER, a Britney Spears song... you know I'd love to see it all, and honestly non-country would be more unique for this fandom and in that sense more fun in a lot of ways!


Oh gosh I have so many feelings and faves on this show. I guess just I'd strongly prefer if you didn't give me a Rayna/Deacon or a Juliette/Avery romance vid. Those two ships are what I've seen vidded the most on this show and they're fine, I like them, but I'd love something different. I'd love a character study of someone, an exploration of Layla/Will or a less popular ship like one of Scarlett's or so many other options... I love platonic themed vid so you could vid any one of the parent/child relationships or many/all of them (I'm talking about how Gunnar just realized he had a son, Juliette/her mom, Scarlett/her mom, Maddie and her 3 parents, Rayna and her parents, etc, etc) or so many other options. I kind of adore Scarlett. And idk. Just do whatev er you're inspired for. If it has to be Rayna/Deacon or Juliette/Avery I'll probably enjoy that too.

Pitch Perfect (2012) [Movie]


Um, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow are my babies. Like for real. Because both actresses were in the film, I had to check it out. And it was fun. I like Beca as a main character. I like Chloe as a side character. I totally can femslash ship Beca/Chloe hard but I also don't mind Beca/Jesse, or tributes to the movie as a whole (non-ship-focused vids). This is not one of my favorite fandoms out of those I am requesting, but because we have to request a "SAFETY" I did. ;) And regardless, I of course *would* enjoy seeing it vidded. I would. I adore these two actresses from other things (such as the TV series American Dreams, and the film What to Expect when You're Expecting), and I likePitch Perfect - it reminds me a lot of Glee, which is basically my #1 fandom. So yeah, if you vid this film for me and Beca appears in some capacity, I'd be happy. I'd really enjoy seeing Anna Kendrick set to music. You could make an AU femslash vid using footage of the actresses in outside fandoms too; even Beca/Aubrey would be okay by me even if I prefer Beca/Chloe because of Brittany Snow.

Six Feet Under [TV]


David owns my soul on this show. I love the show as a whole, but honestly my favorite parts of it were ALWAYS David-related. OR Nate-and-his-AVM-brain-condition related. I loved scenes dealing with Nate's mortality, him having to confide in people about his diagnosis, him preparing for risky surgery, and his death. I kind of hated Brenda/Nate but if you vid them in an anti-way I could love the vid. I also grew to like Brenda by the very end of the series. And I really liked the relationship Brenda ended up having with her step-daughter Maya. I loathed Lisa. I adored David/Keith. They're my OTP of the show, a million times over. I also really really loved the brotherly relationship between David & Nate, although I loved all of the sibling dynamics - so David&Claire and Nate&Claire too. I loved Rico/Vanessa, and considered vidding them once upon a time, perhaps with an angsty song given all of their drama and the cheating storyline. But I loved them in a sweet way too. I loved Rico and his complicated relationship with David due to Rico's homophobia and David's homosexuality. I have vidded Claire more than anyone and liked her experimenting with bisexuality/same-sex attraction. I loved Claire/Gabe. I liked all of her storylines, really. But David's my fave. Vid the show as a whole or a shippy David/Keith vid or just a Nate character study or Ruth or Nathaniel Sr. or whoever you want and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Even a positive Brenda/Nate tribute would be interesting and well-worth watching. :D

The Flash (2014) [TV]


Um... Barry. Poor baby. I love Barry Allen more than words can describe. I love everything about his scenes so far. I love his relationship with both his dad and Joe. (And his dead mother, too, for that matter.) I could see myself shipping him with either Iris or Caitlin, although I also would be happy if both of those relationships remained platonic. Honestly, I'm not too picky. Oh and I like Barry/Felicity too. Because they are lovely. I like Barry & Oliver (The Arrow)'s friendship as well. If you don't want to make a Barry-centric vid, then a character study of Caitlin or Iris might be something I'd enjoy. I always love beautiful female characters... ;) I also actually am growing to love Joe too and a character tribute to him might be nice, especially as I expect him to always remain severely undervidded and underappreciated. Etc. Just some ideas.

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