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Hey there Festividder! I'm really excited that you're making a vid for me. I'm bound to like anything at all you could possibly make for me in one of these fandoms.

Check out my videos (the non-collabs on here): and here: if you're curious to see my general music tastes, the best way is to probably see the songs I've vidded. :P

In general I'm very open-minded, though, about music, especially when it comes to a fanvideo. So in general, anything at all you want to vid is fine by me. Cursing (explicit language), any genre, etc.

These were all of my requested fandoms this time around:

  • Being Erica [TV]
  • Continuum [TV]
  • RPF - Black Lives Matter movement [Other]
  • Six Feet Under [TV]
  • Southland [TV]
  • Supergirl (2015) [TV]
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events [Movie]
  • The Way Way Back (2013) [Movie]

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) [Movie]


I really think something... in a minor chord, or just... creepy/off/dark/unusual... might work well with this fandom? Any song choice at all is fine, though.


I adored these books, the entire series, and the movie's aesthetic is pretty amazingly true to the series, even if I thought they got Count Olaf all wrong. He was too... goofy from what I recall. Not as sinister as he should've been. But if you want to show your differing POV on Count Olaf, or make a vid that fixes him to be more like the creepier interpretation I have, that'd be fine... :P  Anything you made me for this film would be great. This series will always have a very special place in my heart.

Being Erica [TV]


No music preference. I did have a couple ideas back in the day, though. "Sky's Still Blue" by Andrew Belle, probably the Microsoft commercial version that has much more upbeat lyrics but MAYBE the darker, sadder, EP version he released, for an Erica character study that would sort of be a cast vid. Or maybe just a cast vid set to it. Or "Please Don't Leave Me" by P!nk for Dr. Tom lol. A male cover version of it probably doesn't exist, so... :P I don't know. Even "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls for Adam/Erica. There are so many ideas I'm never going to make. I would love to be surprised by your music choice and by whatever aspect of the show you vid.


Anything in the fandom would be great. My OTP is Erica/Adam, followed closely by Erica/Kai, but even Erica/Josh (or something like Sam/Josh) would intrigue me to see a vid of, especially if you follow their entire canon story, the complexity of the dynamic, and don't just turn it into pure shippiness. I love Dr. Tom, his daughter Sarah... I love really the whole show. Character studies, whatever you wanted to do. I've only vidded Being Erica briefly in collab parts and multi-fandoms, myself, plus one full Dr. Tom/Erica tribute that was not a very good fanvideo. It was more an overview of their scenes. If you're curious to see what I said about my preferences for Being Erica last year, this was my letter, and all that still applies, as well:

Continuum [TV]


Go wild, do what you want, but I do have a few ideas that might be fun:

Kiera & her 4 main love interests, Greg, Kellog, Carlos, and Brad set to any version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" from Kiera's POV, I was thinking a slow version, though, a sadder version, male or female singer, doesn't matter. If you're inspired for a fast paced version like maybe the original (or a similar style cover) that'd be fun too though!

"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy would work amazingly for this show. Either a full cast vid with everybody or just select a few people to vid -- I was thinking the lyrics could work especially great for Alec, Kellog, Julian, but even Kiera and maybe Liber8... I don't know. You could also pick one person to do a character study of?

"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", maybe the Sleeping at Last cover, maybe the original, or idk another cover, surprise me. Carlos' POV toward Kiera. Because you know, she's from the future and her tech seems like Magic. And the unrequited love is their whole story. And "a thousand rainy days since we first met" works so well for them because did you notice how many rainy scenes they happen to share? Quite a few. :P 1x07, 3x02, 3x05, probably more. But that lyric could be so easily matched metaphorically too.

"Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down could fit so many characters' POV. It could work for a single relationship like Kiera/Carlos or Alec/Emily, from the women's POVs, but you could also just like, maybe a character study for a variety of the characters or a cast vid or a multicouples vid set to it. Idk. It'd be a good one for so many aspects of this show. And I've always loved the song.

Okay any song is fine by me, these were just... some ideas I had.


This beautiful, amazing show has a very dear place in my heart.  If you make a vid for this fandom I'll be so thrilled and will enjoy it, whatever it is.  I particularly love Alec and Kiera as characters -- everything about them, every relationship, friendship, crack ship, family bond, etc they have... including of course 1977 elderly Alec and his nuances, I mean in every timeline, all versions of them. Definitely always preferred Red Alec to Green Alec (see wikipedia's season 3 of Continnum page for an explanation). I also really find Greg fascinating and kind of loveable, I don't understand the hate he got. Brad, and Carlos, and Jason... they're all so fascinating in their own ways... Kellog too. Basically a character study about any of those I just listed or a relationship vid including any of those characters would be epic, platonic, romantic, sexual, whatever. Except Alec/Kiera I definitively do not "Ship", but I accept the idea that at every age Alec finds Kiera attractive and desireable, it's just... please it needs to stay unrequited. I really don't want a pro-Alec/Kiera romance/sex type vid. I don't mind Brad/Kiera or Carlos/Kiera remaining friends, but I also love them as ships. I wouldn't say I ship Kellog/Kiera but they have a very interesting and often hilarious/fun relationship. I would especially love a father/son Alec/Jason vid, an Alec&Kiera tribute vid, or a Brad/Kiera vid since I don't think any of them exist already anywhere. Anything that you can't find existing on YouTube would make me happy.  Cast videos are great too! General tributes to EVERYTHING the show is (was).

I'm... thinking of adding my own couple of Continuum vids to the mix sometime in the next few months, btw. Hopefully before festivids is over I'll have made both of my ideas. Not for any of the songs I suggested above. I have other song ideas and am planning to make one Alec & Kiera tribute and one Kiera/Carlos vid. But I can't be sure I'll have time to ever finish them anyway.

I um would probably love a unique vid about the Liber8 folks too, or just one or a few of them. I do like Emily/Alec because like I said, anything relating to my fave characters is great and she has quite the dynamics with most of them. Anything you want to vid. But my absolute faves I listed first.

RPF - Black Lives Matter movement [Other]


The song choice here has to be powerful, intense, meaningful, serious... otherwise it doesn't work. This is a serious subject to take on vidding. The song should reflect that. It can be instrumental if you want, of course, but even then, the right kind of instrumental -- probably not something recognizable from a movie, unless the movie has clear parallels to the real life issues, etc.


Be creative, do whatever inspires you. I'm not black myself, FYI (I'm white, although I am also partially of Jewish decent).

Six Feet Under [TV]


No music preference. I did have a couple ideas I really wanted to make years ago though. A SFU Cast vid to "Breakable" by Ingrid Michaelson. A David/Keith video to any version of "Iris", originally by the Goo Goo Dolls. (I had thought I'd vid the original once upon a time. But no. That's not happening.) a Nate video set to "When I'm Gone" by 3 Doors Down, maybe Nate/Brenda but I'd probably prefer for it to also have other Nate character study stuff. Vid whatever theme AND whatever music inspires you, though. These were jsut some ideas I had.


This show is always going to have a special place in my heart. Everything David was my favorite. My OTP was David/Keith. But I liked the whole family, and if a song fits a specific storyline well, I'm sure I'll love it. I never was a huge fan of Billy though, or Brenda's family... and I prefere d Brenda when she was more "together", like near the very end of the series?? I don't know. Anything you want to vid is fine. I've made a few Six Feet Under videos before, on YouTube, about Claire/Gabe, Claire's Abortion, the series finale episode, and some collab parts like for a step-parents collab I vidded Brenda/Maya or I vidded Brenda/Nate and David/Keith and "cast" parts. They were all so short though. I really would love to see clips I'd forgotten about, aspects of the show that made it what it is, etc. Anything you want to vid would be great. If you'd like to see what I said about my preferences for Six Feet Under last year, here's my letter, which I'm sure still applies:

Southland [TV]


No music preference.


I really loved this show. Anything you wanted to vid about it, from it... go for it. I think my favorites were Lydia, Sammy, and Ben, but John Cooper was close behind and I don't know, the whole series was pretty intense and awesome.

Supergirl (2015) [TV]


No music preference.


(May be updated as I watch more of the serpies) I already love this show and it hasn't even aired yet. I've seen the 6 min trailer, and I've seen everything Melissa Benoist has ever appeared in. Literally. I don't just mean Glee. But of course, Marley... I related to her so much. I really love her. I loved the version of Supergirl we got to see on the TV series Smallville. I don't mind comics being included in vids and really anything you want to do to introduce me to another version of Supergirl or make a compelling crossover or AU plot is fine if you wanted to use outside footage, just make it at least 50% this new fandom. Of course 100% a vid about this 2015 series Supergirl would be GREAT too. Any type of vid, shippy, maybe Jimmy (James?)/Kara (I loved Jimmy/Kara in Smallville and love that they race-bent with the casting choice), or possibly non-incestuous non-huge-age-gap femslash could work for me, or a character study or general cast vid. Do what inspires you!

The Way Way Back (2013) [Movie]


I think a piece of music that's simple, maybe acoustic, maybe just an older song, might fit this movie well. But any music choice that inspires you, even if it's jazz or rap or something unexpected, would be fun.


I really loved this film. The part that captivated me was the main kid, but if you want to vid a side plot, go for it.


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