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No matter what Kara does, she's not going to fit in on Earth. But so what?

So what if she slips up sometimes when trying to pass as a human? So what if she has not yet perfected the art of being a superhero the way her cousin has?

She can't be anything other than herself, so she supposes she might as well embrace it and declare that truth to the world. Everyone is gonna have to get used to it.


Yay I made a full length vid! ;) My first ever vid in this fandom. I love this show. I love Kara so much. This was made for Festivids, as a gift dedicated to Azar.

Let me know if you have any questions!

(Only the first 9 episodes of the series are included in the vid.)

If you could please comment on the YouTube vid, (link above, directly under the vid...) I'd appreciate it!

Also if you want a download link, let me know asap and let me know what size & format you want it in. It's already rendered in 1080p .wmv which plays all wrong on my computer, doesn't even look 16:9 widescreen on my computer, but I'm still using an old Windows XP machine so that may be the problem. I can re-render it in my Sony Vegas a number of ways, just let me know, though.


Song: "Outcast"
Artist: Kerrie Roberts



Leslie Willis: It is time for my annual list of things I am not grateful for. And this year's list is only... one item: Supergirl!

Kara: It's my family's coat of arms.

Maxwell Lord: The world's most unreliable superhero!

Kara: I can't be in two places at once!

Alex: Why did you hesitate?

Cat: Do me a favor and take off your glasses.

Kara: I'm not Supergirl.

Cat: Every minute that you waste playing assistant in here is a minute that someone out there is not getting saved.

Hank Henshaw: You *cannot* lose control like that!

Cat: So the flying, the super strength, the freezy-breath thing...
Kara: I'm still working on that last one.
Cat: Oh.... So you're not up to his level yet.
[heat vision sound effect]
Kara: I wouldn't say that.

Hank Henshaw: I don't trust aliens.
Kara: I started this. You have to let me stop it.

Alex: Kara risks her life to protect other people, and she is a hero.

Kara: It's not *her* fault that I decided to become Supergirl.

Alura's hologram: There is no correct path in life.

Kara: That was *my* choice.

Alura's hologram: Be wise. Be strong. And always be true to yourself.

James: No hero can save everyone. But a real hero never stops trying.

James: You being killed is not going to help anybody!

Cat: What is she going to do when she has to face a real threat? Oh, I know! She'll call her cousin.

James: You don't even need powers... to be a hero.

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This has been cross-posted to my livejournal, too. There's also a post I created on tumblr that I'd love if you reblogged.

Do you watch fanvideos? Do you perhaps make fanvideos yourself?

If you answered yes to either of these 2 questions, you're in luck!

I've just created a "Vidding Community Comprehensive Census & Habits Survey", with the hopes of starting to get some good statistics from as many corners of vidding fandom as possible. If you're involved in vidding as a viewer, a creator, or a little of both, please try to find time over the next couple of months to take the survey. It should only take about 15 minutes of your time.

Here's the link to the survey:

Last day to submit your answers is Sunday, March 8th!! Please take the survey today, though, if you have time - do it before you forget! ;)


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